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on davis

The Future (2002)
{w/ Daniel Carter (trmp, alto.ten fl, keys), Sabir Mateen (alto. ten.fl, keys), Dan O'Brian (bass), Thom Corn (dr.)}

Acid Test: Lit! (2002)
{duo w/ Ritchie Admiral (dr.)}

X-Ray Search Light Project: Djuke Music! (2002)
{w/ Luther Thomas (al.. sax), Adam 'Atom' Feller (bass), Tom Ausburger (perc..), Electric Meg Montgomery (trmpt), Kadiatou Sibi (voc), Greg Lewis (perc.), Karim Alaoui (perc)

X-Ray Search Light Project: No! No Go For It! (2004)

X-Ray Search Light Project: End to Shame and Chaos (2004)

X-Ray Search Light Project: Djuke No Go Die! (2006)

X-Ray Search Light Project: This is Djuke Music! (2006)

X-Ray Search Light Project: Djuke Wonderland (2006)

X-Ray Search Light Project: Ambient Spheres (2006)

Meditations in Virtual Jazz (2004)
{w/ Andrew Lamb}

Studio Trax (2004) {w. Magama (bass)}

A Classical Guitar Recital of Spanish Music (2004)
{solo concert classical guitar}

Esoteric Arte Ensemble of Sun Ra (2004)
{w/ Khusenaton Shu Amon (al.sax), Sabir Mateen (ten), Nizomi (voc), Luther Thomas (alto)

Esoteric Arte Ensemble of Sun Ra: Live! in Harlem (2004)
{w/ Khusentaon Shu Amon (alto), Radu Ben Judah (bass), Sabir Mateen (ten), Kenyatte (perc)}

BuDa Sound Gallery: 13 Sculptures (2005)
{w/ Jerome James (perc), Nick Gianni (sax, fl.) }

Coup Rule: The East 13th Street Squat Basement Sessions (2006)
{w/ Nick Gianni (bass), Sonny I (dr.)}

Smoke 'Em! (2006)
{w/ various artists}

Original Djuke Rock Ultrio: Live! (2006)
{w. Nick Gianni (bass), Bopa King Carre (dr.)}

Original Djuke Music Players (2006)
{w. Nick Gianni (bass), Bopa King Carre (dr.)}

(Title TBA) (2007)
{w/ Matthew Shipp, Sabir Mateen, Daniel Jodocy, Chantal Ughi}

Cartoon Satellite: All That Glows (2007)

Cartoon Satellite: Babes in Wondersound (2007)

Cartoon Satellite: Dielectric Atmosphere (2007)

Cartoon Satellite: Live! at The Stone (2007)

Cartoon Satellite: Photon Gun Run (2007)

Cartoon Satellite: Space-Age Politicians (2007)

Cartoon Satellite: Ultrionic Presence (2007)
{Cartoon Satellite is: Dalius Naujo (dr.), Nick Gianni (sax, keys), On (guit) }

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