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livewired  music

LiveWired is committed to empowering artists, building communities, preserving culture and legacy, and providing a platform for sharing the arts. LiveWired works in a cutting edge fashion by utilizing new technologies, sustainable planning through education, and involving leading masters that nurture and guide the LiveWired imperative.

LiveWired Music
106 Green Street #1
Brooklyn, NY 11222
718 670 3710

LiveWired Music Founder, Colin Faber

LiveWired Music release, April 2009

On Ka'a Davis with the Famous Original Djuke Music Players: Seeds of Djuke (LiveWired release) (2009)

{w/ Luther Thomas (alto), Jojo Kuo (dr.), Francis Mbappe (bass), Marie Afonso, (voc), Kadiatou Sibi (voc.), Tess Marsalis (voc.), Wakesha (voc.), Felice Rosser (voc.), Radu Ben Judah (bass), Tom Augsburger (perc), Electric Meg Montgomery (trmp), Adam 'Atom' Feller (bass), Saco Yasuma (alto), Andrew Lamb (ten.), Greg Lewis (dr.), Nick Gianni (bass, ten.), Bopa King Carre (perc), Daluis Naujo (dr.), Daniel Jodocy (perc.), Welf Dorr (alto), Tomchess (ten.), Thierno Camara (bass), Mimi Kamara (voc)

seeds of djuke


Tzadik release, August 2009

On Ka'a Davis with the Famous Original Djuke Music Players featuring Luther Thomas: Djoukoujou!

{w/ Luther Thomas (as), Andrew Lamb (ts), 'Electric' Meg Montgomery (trp), David 'Riddim-Athon!' Pleasant (dr), Nick Gianni (bari), Tom Augsberger (per), Adam 'Atom' Feller (bs), RaDu Ben Judah (bs), Greg Lewis (dr), Bopa 'King' Carre (dr), Magama Skosana (synth bs), Kadiatou Sibi (vc), Memuna 'Mimi' Kamara (vc), Tess Marsalis (vc), Felice Rosser (vc), Wakesha (vc), Susan Kramer (vc), Dixie Lee Estes (vc), Saco Yasuma (as)}

Raw, wild and untainted, this is a new world envisioned, produced and realized by the mystical figure On Ka'a Davis. Drawing inspiration from the outer realms of Blackness, On Ka'a channels Sun Ra, P-Funk, Hendrix, Fela Kuti and more into the squat politics of the East Village basement jam. Accompanied by a wild array of stylish zanies, freedom rings with poetry, polyrhythmic complexity and primal passions. Another world never imagined possible from the undying, ever growing counter culture crucible of Downtown New York.

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