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INTERVIEW: About the Book "Exerciricle"

An Interview with On by On
{The following interview was conducted in December, 2002}


Q: You've written a different kind of book. It seems to be like some kind of collection of philosophic laws or something. Please explain.

On: Well, the book is an ordering of postulate phrases that were derived from my study notebooks and by intuition.

Q: Ok. What does that mean? And how can you convincingly write anything based from intuition?

On: Well, I hope that the book will open minds. Contemplation from these postulates will transfer intuitive knowledge.

Q: So then, your book attempts to incite intuitive development?

On: Yes. It also is a reservoir of laws and principles concerning aspects of the Cosmos and the relationship music has within it. I expressed these aspects in postulate-like phrases and as meditations.

Q: In the preface, you profess that…"Invariably, all those who read from it will find a way to enter realms of their highest creative self." That's quite a claim. Should I believe it?

On: The book is structured in such a way that if one studies from it often, intuitive Intelligence will be inherited. The book offers a portal to one's inherited genius. It should be a part of practice. Enlightenment is instantaneous, you know.

Q: So this book is designed to make one broader as a musician, an artist or anybody…., or is it just curious science text?

On: Yes to all of that. I attempted to describe the science of museo-physics. It's an ontologic science…..a kind of ontology. The principles of the science of ontology are the essence conscience of all minds.

on davis

Q: What is Ontology?

On: Well, in the dictionary, it is usually defined something like, ' the science of being'. But I guess 'being' could be anything, seeing that everything is in some state of being. So certain studies attempt to describe the principles and the meditations that may apply to the realizations of the creative process. As the initiate progresses through this book, they become 'experienced', so to speak.

Q: Experienced?

On: Yes. The creative process is realized by enlightened experience. It is recognized after transference of Intelligence from space by a process of osmosis into the mind. The greater the appreciation of these realizations, the greater the potential for enlightened experiences which causes for the recognition of the principles of the creative process.

Q: What is the creative process?

On: Intelligence permeates mind. The acts of creation are only recognized. Some knowledge may be guided for an easier reception by the intellectual mind so that these recognitions are more readily apparent. But even that, at best, is limited to the clarity of the training directives and, in some cases, the pre-development of the student. So the real impression of enlightenment is attained by the experience of knowing. In order to get this result, it is important to position the receptive mind at the threshold of the spiritualized worlds so that Intelligence can be inherited into the Desire Will, and the work of the mind then reflects something from the infinite creative expression. The creative process is within the Infinite worlds.

Q: How long have you been involved with these kinds of studies?

On: Oh, for years now. 'Exerciricle' was first copyrighted in 1984. The book was a result of more than ten years of refining contents from my notebooks.

Q: Do you apply these studies to yourself?

On: It's strange, because only now that this amended edition is completed, I am finally doing what I wanted to with this book, which is studying from it daily. I've collected what I considered to be high knowledge of music science. For me, working from out of 'Exerciricle' is extremely fulfilling.

Q: Do you think that anyone else will find the same value in your book as you have for yourself?

On: Well, I can say that I have not encountered any single book that is like 'Exerciricle'. I know that this book could be a welcome addition to any academic library, simply because of the space that it fills serving as a student manual. I know that if I were to put myself as someone else, and were to discover this book on the shelf, that I would be interested to check it out.

Q: So we could expect an explosion of creative geniuses to emerge as a direct result from your training prescriptions?

On: That would be nice. But to be sure, the classes that conduct studies of music-ontology will find an invaluable aid by using this book. Musicians, artists, spiritualists, philosophers, those who practice meditation, new agers….all might find it fascinating exploration.

Q: One last thing. What is that illustration of the dots in what seems to be an encircled area.

On: That's a revelation of mine. I marked off the hexagon within the perfect circle, then continued to divide each of the distances between every point. I let remain all of the points in common, and erased all of the other points from the sketch. From there, I was able to connect the dots to recognize all of the basic shapes found within plain geometry. What was a revelation to me was that a 'probable' mapping of the cosmos emerged. Or that of Cosmic energy. The center of the sketch images a spin out as a lilted motion, defining the shapes in an elliptic arrangement, appearing super-imposed upon the other. So, the sense of spinning is recognized and the points of the shapes have potential arrangement, all beginning from the plane of a circle. The highest expression of this sketch would be the image of the sphere.

on davis at home
photo: Tyler Durrance Gamble

Q: Wow. So hence, 'Exerciricle'?

On: Very good! Creation from the symbolic image of expanding knowledge. Experience from within the circle. Exercises within the orbits of mind.

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