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on ka'a electric guitar Sun Ra Arkestra: Dance of Innocent Passion
{John Gilmore (ts), Marshall Allen (as), June Tyson (vc), Danny Thompson (bs), Tyrone Hill (tb), RaDu Ben Judah (bs), Samurai (dr), Craig Haynes (dr), Noel Scott (as), Zane Massey (?) (ts), Damon Choice (vph), others

Don Ayler Septet: Live in Florence (vol. 1-3)
w/ Tony Smith (piano), Radu Ben Judah (bass), Jerry Griffin (dr.), Frank Doblikar (ten), Mustafa Abdullah (bass clar.), On Ka'a Davis (guit.)


(the complete catalog vol. 1-8)

w/ Thomchess (leader, alto, ten., ney, djembe, oud), Jimi Mbuseylo (bass), Tom Augsburger (perc), Takuma Kanaiwa (laptop), others

photo: Colin Faber

w/ Karim Alaoui (sintir, voc.), Abdullah Alaoui (qraqb and voice), Electric Meg Montgomery (trmp), 'Grand Pepper of Reality' Doug Principato (guit.), Greg Principato (drums), Andre Martinez (congas)

Out Da Concrete
w/ Electric Meg Montgomery (trmp), Daniel Carter (alto, ten, fl.), George Makinto (keys), Zod (bass), DJFirehorse (turntable), Peter Lewis (drums), Atom Feller (guitar)

Marina Fiorentini: Broken String Theory
w/ M. Fiorentini (voc., keys), others
Snuky Tate: Babylon Under Pressure

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